Code: TB 47

Clown pyjama bag 

Code: 23093


Code: 26061

God’s Creation book 

Code: 26029

Tool box 

Code: 26067

Presentation of our lady made in Ecuador 

Code: Ec 32


  One of our Canadian Sisters had a term position on the General Council in Rome. Part of her job was to visit our Communities in the developing countries. She witnessed the untiring efforts of the Sisters to help these women and the eagerness of the women themselves to earn money to support their families. Most often these women or young girls are faced with the simple fact that as female they are to shoulder the responsibility for family support. Often this means that they must earn money by any means - even the most undignified, unsavory or back breaking.

Alternatives are scarce and eagerly sought, but ready cash must be available. On her return to Canada our Sister sought ways to help these Sisters and the women. She conceived the idea of "Sharing Fair". "If these women could send their goods to be marketed in Canada, they would get a better price. Why not?". She wrote to the Centers, and the response was good. In 1992, a few countries began to send the handcrafted items from their Centers. At present 27 centers spread over 18 countries actively participate in this project.

Box of Hope

Interest in Sharing Fair has begun to grow in schools as well. We have started a program called "Box of Hope" which will introduce students to the idea that it is possible to make a difference through a simple act. The Box of Hope is a simple  curriculum-based project for young students.  In performing this project the students learn about business skills, team work and work ethic (fulfilling commitments).  When organizing the school community to participate in buying the $1000 worth of Sharing Fair goods, the students study and learn also about the situations surrounding the young women and the children of developing countries.  At the completion of their project they reconcile their books, write an essay about their experience and reflect on the power people can have to make a small difference in the lives of others.  In the meantime, an impoverished young woman has received some money which she earned from her new found skills and can better provide for her family or her education.

We invite you to participate ... make a purchase... sponsor an event... volunteer. Thank you.  Our address is located in the contact us page or e-mail Sr. Felicita Thuraisingham 

Sharing Fair - Our History, Our Work

Holly Hobby Placemats, Apron, Oven mitt set & pot holder made in Bangkok 

Code: TB160

​$30.00, $15.00, $12.00 & $6.00
Purse with button & zipper made in Peru 

Code: Per01

Traditional doll made in Peru 

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Pencil case made in Kenya 

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Book Mark 

Code: TN10003

Sea World bag  made by the women in Bangkok 

Code: 26019

Alphabet chart made in Thailand 

Code: 26003

White cotton table cloth with 8 napkins. Made by the women in Madagascar. 

Code: Mad 11


Our sister organization in the U.S. is

'Handcrafting Justice'

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Visit their website here.

Sisters of the Good Shepherd Toronto

"One person is of more value than a world."

Rosary made by women in Czech Republic 

Code: CZ 001

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