Sisters of the Good Shepherd Toronto

"One person is of more value than a world."

Nearing the End or Embracing New Beginnings?

The impending closure of the last Sisters' convent in Winnipeg is cause for a deeper search.  The numbers of our sisters is declining in Canada.  But as partners in Mission, we look to find new ways through the surface worries about decline to embrace new visions for how to sustain our spirit of Good Shepherd Mission in the places we find ourselves.  Our Sisters will continue to follow the professional works of our agency staff and programs.  Through their prayer and our spiritual connections, Our Lay and Associate leaders search for new ways to embrace mission and values in our work and to inform ourselves from the richness of our heritage while embracing the courage to forge a new future in a spiritually sustainable partnership.  We commit to nurture mission and values among our leadership groups including board members and senior leaders in our agencies. We will continue to nurture a culture of Good Shepherd to ensure that the way we deliver services to children, youth and their families, as well as the women served in our various communities, will be able to sustain our special service philosophy in helping them to heal their personal worlds.  We continue to dare to be catalysts for healing a wounded world.  

Aboriginal smudging - 'Creator, free me of negativity".  

New friendships forged from different worlds founded on common values and a shared mission

A Special Relationship

Professional partners, Associates and Sisters

Pilgrims to Angers prepared and sent by Sisters and former Pilgrims