Ablaze in the Spirit,
we are united and strengthened for mission.

Sisters of the Good Shepherd Toronto

"One person is of more value than a world."

Birth Home of Rose Virginie Pelletier, Island of Noirmoutier  1796

Motherhouse of the Sisters in Angers, France.

The original, only passage way to the island.  The Goia was a roadway that was submerged under the ocean during high tide.

  The Sisters of the Good Shepherd is a Catholic Congregation of Religious women and was founded in 1835 by Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier in Angers, France. With an amazing zeal and courage she undertook great works that showed the compassion of Jesus, the Good Shepherd for the abandoned, the underprivileged and the lost. She said, 'One person is of more value than a world." Today, the congregation is in 72 countries. The Sisters of the good Shepherd have two lifestyles, one is apostolic and one is comtemplative.


 The Good Shepherd Sisters first came to Canada in 1844 at the invitation of the bishop of Montreal. As their work became more known, our sisters expanded across Canada to other provinces and came to Toronto in 1944. The Sisters moved to 25 Good Shepherd Court in 1957 and continued their mission especially to women and girls desiring to improve their lives. Today our sisters' ministries include the Sharing Fair project, assisting the poor, justice and peace, spiritual help for new immigrants/refugees whose language may be e.g. Tamil, Spanish, Mandarin, and Vietnamese. It is through these ministries that we, as sisters bring our core values which include merciful love, as expressed through our compassion and charism of reconciliation.

  As sisters we celebrate our mission and believe it to be so important that we have created the office of Mission Integration as a means of enabling the Spirit of the Good Shepherd to permeate all that is done in our agencies and programs in Canada through collaboration and guidance. Our Lay Mission Partners are important to us and we feel their enthusiasm as they carry forward the legacy of Good Shepherd. Our mission is a necessary one in today's world and as we age we remain enthused about the work of the Good Shepherd. The fire of the Spirit continues to burn within our hearts firing our vow of zeal for the salvation of God's people.

A portrait of the 18 year old Rose Virginie Pelletier prior to entering religious life with Our Lady of Charity of the Refuge.  As Sr. Mary Euphrasia, she went on to found the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd