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"One person is of more value than a world."


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​​Sharing Fair is a "Project of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd," a Congregation of Sisters serving in 72 countries. The Sisters focus on women and girls in extreme circumstances of distress. At the Good Shepherd Centers the sisters offer some means of practical assistance to enable the person to live with dignity. Training courses are conducted, where the individual can learn some skills to generate income. Sharing Fair, through our dedicated volunteers,  carries their handcrafted goods to our market here in Canada givng them a means to earn money for their families and themselves.

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Welcome to our  website! and Recent News

'The Greening of Good Shepherd'

Last convent established and connected to our programs to close.

We shared that one of our purposes is to keep you abreast of current news related to our sisters and mission partners.  And now we have to share that our convent in Winnipeg will close in July.   Read more of this story here.

In the meantime  meet our leadership team for the Sisters in the English Region and visit the blog through the Mission Integration Office.  Connect through the social media page here under the title, Bobby's Things that Matter.  or at

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Our Mission


  Rooted in our belief in the dignity and worth of each person, the Good Shepherd people of North America are united in our commitment as leaders in providing unparalleled services and advocacy for the most vulnerable and marginalized persons especially women and children. Supported by contemplation and a growing sense of community, and boldly embracing our mission of reconciliation, we dare to be a catalyst for healing.